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About Melissa Johnson-Jin L.Ac.

I'm an NYC kid, born and raised. I hail from the Yankee Stadium side of the Bronx - I have called Washington Heights home since 2010. I spent a decade in dentistry using my background in art to make beautiful teeth. I developed chronic low back pain after having children. I tried every Western treatment to get rid it to no avail. It was my midwife that suggested I try acupuncture. It was a success, and the only treatment that relieved my pain without making me feel foggy like pain meds did. from that moment, I knew I had a different calling.

Educational Credentialing
I started my journey at Pacific College of Allied Health in massage therapy, specializing in head and neck pain.  I continued my educational pursuits at the University of Bridgeport. I have been certified in East Asian Aesthetics by Dr. Stephan Jackowicz. I now continue in my pursuit of education and study for a doctoral in chinese medicinal herbs at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.  

Today I'm an acupuncturist licensed in NY state, frequently treating orthopedics and  chronic pain conditions. My intention is to allow the body to regain the ability to perform at optimum levels. I believe in a full-body approach to wellness with movement. Yes, I dance it out at times.  I laugh as much as I can, crochet baby blankets (despite not having anymore babies—they're soothing!), and adore trying new recipes (you'll frequently get recommendations from me). I believe in the science behind food and it's therapeutic properties.

Welcome to my practice!

About - Golden Dragon Wellness in New York, NY

Office Hours

    Tuesday & Wednesday:      9 am - 5pm
353 Lexington Avenue
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10 am - 6 pm

98 Green St. Hudson, NY
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