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Chinese Herbs

The complementary use of Chinese herbal remedies and acupuncture is a practice renowned for its effectiveness in achieving therapeutic success. While herbal medicine is a common practice in many cultures, the Chinese tradition stands out for its depth and intricacy. Rooted in an ancient and enduring tradition, Chinese herbal medicine showcases an unparalleled level of sophistication, demonstrating its ability to effectively address a diverse range of ailments, from everyday colds to the complex symptoms of autoimmune conditions.

Together we can tailor a course of treatment
to meet your unique health needs.

Chinese Materia Medica encompasses an extensive array of herbs, numbering in the thousands, with approximately 300 currently in widespread use. Treatment typically entails the customized combination of various herbs, meticulously tailored to address the specific condition of each individual. Chinese herbal remedies are esteemed for their potent efficacy and minimal adverse effects. However, it is imperative for patients to disclose all medications and supplements to ensure the effective management of potential interactions with their prescribed formula.

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