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Flavors of the Season: Autumn Edition

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the combination of apples, goji berries, and ginger can be seen as a harmonious blend that aligns with the principles of balancing energies and promoting overall well-being. Each ingredient carries specific properties that, when combined, create a holistic synergy. Let's explore how this combination aligns with TCM concepts: 


Nature and Flavor: Apples are considered cooling in nature and have a sweet and slightly sour flavor. This aligns with TCM's concept of balancing Yin and Yang energies. The cooling nature helps clear heat and excess Yang energy, while the sweet and sour flavors nourish the body's fluids. 

Spleen and Stomach: Apples are known to support the Spleen and Stomach meridians in TCM. They aid digestion, promote the movement of Qi (energy), and strengthen the digestive system.

Goji Berries

Nature and Flavor: Goji berries are considered neutral in nature and have a sweet taste. This balance of energy aligns with TCM's aim to maintain equilibrium between Yin and Yang. The sweetness supports the Spleen and Stomach energies. 

Liver and Kidneys: Goji berries are believed to nourish the Liver and Kidney meridians in TCM. This can help enhance vitality, improve vision, and support the body's ability to balance Yin and Yang energies. 


Nature and Flavor: Ginger is warming in nature and has a pungent and slightly sweet flavor. Its warming properties are used to dispel cold and support Yang energy in TCM. The pungent flavor can promote circulation of Qi and Blood. 

Spleen and Stomach: Ginger is often used to invigorate the Spleen and Stomach energies, aiding digestion and reducing dampness or coldness that might hinder these systems. 

Benefits of the Combination in TCM Terms

Balanced Energy: The combination of cooling (apples), neutral (goji berries), and warming (ginger) ingredients helps balance the body's Yin and Yang energies, promoting a harmonious flow of Qi and maintaining overall vitality. 

Spleen and Stomach Support: The blend supports the Spleen and Stomach meridians, enhancing digestion, promoting the assimilation of nutrients, and ensuring smooth energy flow throughout the body. 

Liver and Kidney Nourishment: Goji berries' influence on the Liver and Kidney meridians, combined with ginger's warming properties, can help nourish these vital organs, leading to improved vitality and better regulation of Yin and Yang energies. 

Qi and Blood Circulation: The pungent properties of ginger can promote the circulation of Qi and Blood, enhancing overall energy flow and supporting optimal organ function. 

In TCM, the art of combining ingredients isn't just about their individual properties; it's also about how they interact and harmonize within the body. The combination of apples, goji berries, and ginger can be seen as a holistic approach to nurturing the body's energies and promoting well-being by addressing imbalances and supporting vital organ functions. As always, it's recommended to consult with a qualified TCM practitioner for personalized guidance, especially if you're addressing specific health concerns.